Mobile Credit Card Processing

It seems like only yesterday that our electronics had to be connected by cables to work. Telephones had to be plugged into walls to make phone calls and computers had to be tethered to the nearest phone line to go on the internet.

Now, our electronics are faster, more efficient, and best of all, mobile. Transparent embraces the evolution of technology, offering solutions that are cutting-edge and easy to use for small businesses.

Having mobile credit card processing grants more convenience to your customers, who may not have enough cash to pay for the item they want. It also means that your business can compete with others who accept ‘plastic’ forms of payment, especially with recent estimates showing that over 70% of businesses now accept cash-less payment.

Mobile Credit Card Processing for Mobile Businesses

In addition to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, cell phone credit card processing is perfect for businesses on the go. These are companies that rely on their mobility, or have limited space and resources given their industry.

Examples can include:

  • Food truck or ice cream truck owners who sell at various locations throughout the day.
  • Artists who exhibit their art in different galleries.
  • Companies selling products at trade shows.
  • Sales generated from remote locations.
  • Delivery drivers who can accept credit cards at time of delivery.
  • Consulting, construction, and engineering services that work off-site for extended periods of time.
  • Performers and musicians selling merchandise at venues.

Mobile Pay Devices That Are Easy to Move and Store

Even if your company does not require traveling, mobile credit card processing devices still bring great convenience and value. Your device can be moved from location to location easily, making it especially valuable to companies in need of flexibility, such as businesses undergoing construction or remodeling.

Another added convenience is the ability to secure your wireless device when needed. Many businesses lock up their cash registers and similar supplies during non-business hours. Our small, easy to manage units can be easily stored when needed, and quickly set-up whenever you need to process the sale.

At Transparent, billing is also convenient. We simply do not charge the fees often associated with other mobile payment companies. We have several low rate options and will work with you to find the mobile credit card processing option that is perfect for your business. Plus, with next day deposits, you get the added convenience of getting your money fast-at no extra charge.

Mobile Credit Card Processing and Smartphones

Cellular phones were once just clunky things used to make phone calls. Now, they operate as a personal computer, an organizer, a music player, and even as an internet connection. mobile credit card processing has evolved with our smartphones, as many have the capabilities that allow them to function as digital wallets.

At Transparent, we can get you set up so that you can start accepting payments from customers through your smartphone. We use state-of-the-art encryption techniques to make sure that any data that is transmitted is done so in the most secure possible way. Own an e-commerce website? We have options for virtual terminals, perfect for companies selling products over the internet. Plus, our Security Metrics Assurance program will help cover the costs in the event of a data breach.

Mobile Credit Card Processing and SMBs

Many new and small business owners are seeing the need for mobile credit card processing. With Transparent, you will get a low monthly payment that is affordable for small- and medium-sized business. We know that you need as much time as possible to tend to your business, which is why our application process is quick and easy, with monthly statements that are clear and concise.

We are proud to be members of the BBB, and to have friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives waiting to answer any questions. That is why we offer our plans with no long term commitment.

We are confident that if you compare us to any of the other mobile credit card processing companies, you will see Transparent is the clear choice.

For more information, please call (855) 418-7987. We can help find a plan and device perfect for your company today.