Small Business Credit Card Processing

It’s our understanding of the way small businesses accept credit card payments that has enabled us to provide a solution better suited to your success. We believe that small business credit card processing should be as simple and beneficial to you as possible. With a service that’s direct and efficient in credit card payment processing, you’ll find accepting credit cards to be a valuable asset for your business.
We’ve done the math and created a more-perfect business model that works. It’s not complicated, it’s Transparent.

Finding a Better Practice for Your Small Business Credit Card Processing

We want to put an end to the era of outrageous credit card processing fees once and for all. Many of the fees added by merchant processors on top of what you already pay the credit card associations can be downright deceptive. Come the billing statement business owners groan and grimace over the confusion regarding what they’re being charged

Merchant processors often trap small businesses with a practice called tiered or bundled pricing. This model creates an illusion of how small business credit card processing works. They make you think you are saving your money by consolidating various costs into a set of “simplified” fees and offering “qualified” rates based on transactions meeting certain conditions. They often hide fees as well as many of the conditions that dictate whether a rate is qualified, mid-qualified or non-qualified to give you the impression that these fees and rates are necessary to your small business being able to accept credit cards. In the end you are paying what the credit card associations are charging, but you don’t know how much that is.

A lot of these processors act as Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth, “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t” They may even up the ante by telling you what rates they’re not charging, only to justify an excessive charge for something else. They can say, “We won’t charge a sign-up fee….” only to bring about an exorbitant cancellation fee. They can bundle the various interchange rates that the Credit Card Associations actually do charge into a bigger rate to create the appearance of simplifying the costs. With the fee showing up on your statement as a bundled rate, as opposed to what you’re actually paying VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, you can’t see how much extra money you’re paying for every transaction.

Published interchange fees are there for your knowledge. In fact, we are so insistent on you knowing exactly what you’re paying the Credit Card Associations that we tell you what you’re paying in associated interchange fees on every monthly statement. With Transparent Merchant Services, our fees are simple to understand without any part of the pricing hidden from you. We have a monthly service fee, a flat rate fee per each transaction, and then the interchange fees published by the credit card associations.

Our Small Business Card Payment Solutions

With Transparent, you get an affordable merchant services provider that makes sense. With our card credit payment solution, you pay one low monthly fee, our per transaction fee* and the published interchange fees for a more viable and reasonable solution for your small business credit card processing.

*Transparent aims to keep your processing simple and easy to understand by offering only 2 pricing programs, one for merchants who process less than 500 transactions, and another for merchants who process more than 500 transactions. Please see the pricing chart below.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to sign a two-year contract to get the small business credit card processing services you need. In par with our low fees, we feel that a merchant services provider should stand by their word and not enforce contracts. With Transparent, you can cancel at any time because we want you to be absolutely sure that Transparent is the best option for your business. Our customer support at Transparent is simple and straightforward. We don’t want you to just see it in the savings, but in how we work diligently to address and resolve any issues. We are your provider of choice, not commitment.


Simplified Merchant Account Statements for Your Peace of Mind

No longer will statements appear as if they were written in a foreign language to you. Instead, our statements feature an easy-to-read breakdown of your transaction activity, withdrawals, any associated interchange fees, our low monthly fee and our low transaction processing fees. They’re easy to understand, short, direct and to the point; just how your statements ought to be.


One-Day Deposits for Small Business Credit Card Processing

Sometimes as a small business, you need a quicker turnaround. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait for several days to get the funds your business has already generated. Truth is that often with other merchant processors you’ll pay another fee for faster cash withdrawal (usually called a fast deposit fee; or another similarly concocted term). Our goal is to help your business succeed with fast deposits that don’t cost you extra fees. We fund your accounts within 24 hours from the moment that you issue them. And with no hidden fees, you won’t have to worry about paying more money just to get the money you’ve already made.

Transparent offers Small Business Credit Card processing made easy. With our low-fee, no-contract service, we offer a service that we only want to benefit you. We’ve tailored a true solution for small businesses that simplifies, saves and sacrifices nothing to bring you the best in service. We don’t just improve the bottom line, we make businesses stronger. With our simplified and straightforward process, we’re certain you’ll see that Transparent is the best option for the growth of your small business.

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