Top 10 Online Fraud Prevention Software

Preventing fraud from entering into your payment gateways may be part of merchant accounts, but that does not mean that it is perfect. To help augment the efforts of your merchant account provider, consider the top fraud prevention software programs to help you smoothly operate in today’s turbulent economy. In no particular order, here are the top 10 online fraud prevention software for you to consider.

1. Arbutus Audit Analytics

Arbutus is designed for accounting and banking purposes, but it can serve as a great assistant when it comes to detecting e-commerce fraud. If you tie it into your accounts correctly, it has advanced pattern recognition that can help detect fraudulent transactions against your merchant account.

2. ActiveData

This somewhat simplistic interface allows you to use the familiar Microsoft Excel environment to analyze and prevent potential fraud. It may come in a simple package, but it is a powerful and effective tool that you can try free for 30 days.

3. Clari5 EFM

This web-based fraud prevention software is listed among the top 10 online fraud prevention software. It allows you to use a variety of custom fraud parameters to help you identify and block fraudulent transactions. It works in real-time to protect you from potentially harmful buyers.

4. Compliancy+ Corporate

Automatically monitoring card transactions, this helps you to report and detect potential fraud immediately as it occurs.

5. CyberSource Advanced

CyberSource is used by an array of top internet-based companies. It offers advanced ecommerce options and beyond just protecting you from fraud it helps with cost reduction, risk management, efficiency scaling, and a variety of other financial concerns.

6. ESurksha

Esurksha is an easy-to-use fraud protection system for banks, ecommerce, and a variety of other purposes. It is made by Bennett Technologies and offers a great variety of tools to help you protect your merchant account from fraud.

7. Falcon Fraud Manager

Made by FICO and part of the top 10 online fraud prevention software, this is a leading software to help prevent fraud against your merchant account. It has advanced predictive analytics and a variety of security and compliance management options. It can be used across a variety of payment gateways to help protect your brand and ensure that you avoid fraud at all costs.

8. FirstStrike Fraud Detection

This automated software will work to prioritize potential risks, helping to ensure that you observe the essentials and ignore those false red flags. It not only checks out purchases that are made, but also prepares reports for vendors to help ensure that everything runs smoothly.

9. Fraud Analyst

Unlike most software, this is more of a bare bones product. It works in the background to perform fraud detection and real-time identity verification to help ensure that any purchase going through your merchant account comes from a verified source.

10. FraudNet

This fraud software looks to identify fraudulent accounts by searching through account information and identifying any signs of takeover.

Regardless of what software you choose from the top 10 online fraud prevention software , it is definitely important to pay attention to potential fraud. Though merchant accounts include monitoring of their own, your efforts can help ensure that nothing gets through and your account remains uncompromised.

If you would like a deeper analysis of fraud analysis software and wish to get more information, feel free to contact a representative at Transparent today to find out recommendations to fit your industry needs.