Merchant Services

More than just a Merchant Service

Merchant ServicesAt Transparent, we salute the owners of the small and medium-sized businesses for all the work they do.  We know how hard it is to build a business from the ground-up. We know that you have many choices to make. That is why at Transparent, we offer more than just merchant services: we offer solutions for convenience.  Whether you run a restaurant, own a clothing store, or manage the local corner grocery, regardless of the industry, small business owners would rather spend their time attending to their business and less time wading through confusing contracts and hidden fees.

Merchant Solutions That Make Life Easier

Whether you are looking to start a new project and want a company that makes things easy, or you had a bad experience with a previous merchant services provider, we welcome you at Transparent with a variety of solutions to help your business grow.

Here are just a few ways we make life a little easier for you:

~Organized billing that is precise.  No more searching your statement for fees, or figuring out where your money is going.

~Clear, accurate financial reporting.  We break it down so you can clearly see how many people used Visa Debit, how many used American Express, and so on.  Plus other valuable information such as average ticket amount, and your net sales organized by card type.   In the same statement we will also list out all of the deposits provided to you.

~List of Interchange Fees.  Interchange fees can be confusing, this is why we take the time to make statements that break down these fees by card association and card type in a way that is easy to read and understand.

~Simple Fixed Fees.  We don’t think you should have to spend time guessing how much the next bill is going to be.  We’ll never surprise you when you get your statement.

Peace of mind that comes from knowing our state of the art security exceeds the industry standards for PCI compliance.  Even in the unfortunate chance your data is compromised, our SecurityMetrics Assurance program will help protect you and reduce your liability.

Merchant Services for All Types of Companies

We are here to provide you with the merchant solution you need.  We will match you with a plan perfect for your business size and type.

Some of the possibilities include:

Whether you only sell online, or own a store and want a new venue to sell your products, we can set you up so you can start taking payments through the internet.

Want to accept payment via a smartphone?  Or perhaps you want a mobile credit card swiper for deliveries?  We have a wide range of devices with top-of-the-line capabilities, and affordable, straightforward pricing options.

Even if you are a small company with a small number of monthly transactions, we can help your business grow.

Merchant Processing Services Help Small BusinessesMerchant ServicesA 2013 Federal Reserve Report stated that there were over 26 billion credit card transactions in 2012, an increase of over 30% from only 9 years prior. This underlies a very important point: that paperless forms of payment are only increasing.  You need a company that will give you a merchant processing service that will allow you to quickly get on your way to accepting credit cards.  Besides being a convenience for your customers, it also helps you remain competitive.

Consider a restaurant that only accepts cash.  A potential customer enters who only has a few dollars and a handful of credit and debit cards.  This patron now has a choice to make.  They could buy a less expensive item, one that costs less than the amount of cash they are carrying.  They could also leave to try to find a bank or an ATM, but odds are, they will pass other restaurants on the way.  At the very least, this situation would lead to an inconvenience for you patron.  Even more concerning, if the other restaurants accept credit cards, how likely is this hungry patron to pass these establishments and return to yours?

Try Transparent, You Will Be Happy You Did

Though we work with a variety of business owners of many industries, all of our customers can agree that the best part about using Transparent is all the stuff you don’t have to pay.  We take pride in the fact that we do not charge the fees that many of our competitors do.  We are so confident that if you try us, you will stick with us, which is why we never require a long term contract.  Call or email us today, and we will be happy to tell you more about our merchant services and which options are the best fit for your business: (855) 418-7987 or