Merchant Credit Card Processing

Merchant Credit Card Processing Options

merchant credit card processing
If you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business, choosing to accept credit cards is a smart move. This added convenience will make your customers smile when they realize they do not have to find an ATM to pay for your product or service. It also means that your business can compete with other companies who have the option of accepting credit card payments. However, companies that provide merchant credit card processing vary greatly with many options.

Here are some options you should consider:

– How mobile are you? If you rely on deliveries, or sell in multiple locations, it would be a good move to invest in a mobile credit card reader.

– Do you sell products in a retail setting? If so, it would be wise to partner with a company that has the ability to upgrade to a virtual terminal in case you want to start selling over the internet.

– Do you live in an area where different currencies may be used, such as an international city like New York or Miami? Not all merchant credit card processing services will allow you to accept non-US currency, or carry machines that can accept international credit cards.

– Need for speed? Some companies absolutely need to move as quickly as possible. Examples include restaurants that are busiest during the lunch rush, selling merchandise at a venue or selling concessions at a show. For owners of these businesses, if you are too slow, you risk losing customers due to their own time constraints. Make sure to look for a company that offers fast-acting processing methods to make sure you aren’t risking your profit with a slow machine.

– How soon do you need your money? Many of us answer “Now, would be nice.” Beware of some companies that will make you wait too long to send payment.

– In reference to the above example, you should also steer clear of companies that charge a fee for depositing your funds.

Possible Problems with Merchant Credit Card Processing

Business owners need to realize that there may be difficulties when processing credit card transactions. These problems need to be addressed, because if these problems pile up, they can ultimately cost your business a significant amount if not monitored. The first problem you may face when you want to start accepting credit cards is the credit history of your business. When you sign an agreement with a service provider, you are essentially agreeing to borrow money. If there are any problems with your credit, the terms of the contract can change and become more expensive. Make sure to pair with a merchant credit card processing service that will work with you if you have less than perfect credit, or have other problems with credit-risk. If you don’t, you may end up paying more for the same service.

merchant credit card processingAnother common obstacle when looking for a merchant credit card processing service is that of the dreaded required contract. If you do not agree to use their company for a certain length of time, you could be rejected. Even worse, if you do sign the contract and the fees turn out to be too much for you, you could end up paying a hefty amount to end that contract. This leaves you with no account services, no processing device, and a hefty fine.

Merchant Credit Card Processing and PCI Compliance

PCI, or payment card industry, compliance is a requirement that essentially makes sure electronic transactions are more secure for the businesses, customers and card-issuers. After 2006, PCI compliance was made the standard in the United States, which means that merchant credit card processing companies have to give you devices and services that comply with this standard. Without compliance, you may risk losing a considerable amount of money die to being found liable for fraudulent activities. This is money that your business may never recover. The best option for your business is to go with a company that exceeds these standards, because keeping your data safe is invaluable.

Merchant Credit Card Processing with Transparent

When you are ready to sign up for an account, make sure to choose a company that is straight forward with their fees. Look for an application that is easy to fill-out with quick turn-around time. Some companies will make you read through a convoluted application full of clauses and fine print to justify hidden fees and other unnecessary costs.
At Transparent, we realize that too much time is taken away from our busy lives to fill out complicated applications. That is why we offer a straight forward agreement, with no long-term contract, and no fine print. We also offer many merchant credit card processing options whether you are accepting payment from a credit card, smartphone, or over the internet. Plus, we get you your money fast, with next day payments delivered directly to your business. We are also PCI Compliant, and have security features that exceed the current standards in the U.S.

Try us today, and you will see how a merchant credit card processing service can be affordable and easy. Call 1-855-418-7987 now to get started.