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Our Ingenico iCT220 POS Terminal

An affordable EMV and PCI PTS processing device

Our Ingenico iCT220 Terminal

With our state of the art POS terminal, your business will be able to accept all types of electronic payments. In addition, the iCT220 is able to process EMV, NFC-based mobile transactions as well as swipe, PIN and manual transactions.

What makes this point of sale terminal truly versatile is that you won’t need to link it to any other POS terminals or any cash registers. Like a verifone credit card machine, you can use this all-in-one machine to process payments, print reports, and for branding functions like loyalty cards and gift cards.

Advantages of this POS Terminal

The Ingenico iCT220 is EMV and PCI PTS V3 certified with the latest advancements in credit card processing security to safeguard transactions. This portable credit card machine also:

• Delivers cryptographic algorithms at the highest speeds.
• Includes the highest security with Telium 2 architecture and EMV level 2 kernel.
• Processes all types of electronic transactions, including MSR credit and debit, smartcards, stored-value cards, contact-free systems (such as MasterCard PayPass® and VISA payWave), EMV/chips, NFC-Enabled Mobile Payments & PIN cards.
• Features an Oversized LCD backlit screen for easier PIN entry.
• Has the option of tethering a customer-facing PIN pad
• Allows for easier integration for any environment via USB and Ethernet connectivity.
• Upgrades effortlessly through full-compatibility with all signature Ingenico products and services.
• Supports the latest international security algorithms including: DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session.

Pricing Options for this POS Terminal

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The Importance of EMV Certification and PCI PTS V3 Certification

EMV is a feature in credit card machines requiring cards to have an embedded microchip inside. Some variations include a chip and a PIN for added security. EMV enables the possibility of PIN-free transactions, as seen with PayPass® and in VISA PayWave cards. With over 1.2 billion cards EMV enabled and over 15 million terminals around the world EMV-ready, this fraud-defeating technology will soon become the standard in the United States. To process transactions more securely, EMV relies on a chip that can be used in combination with a PIN. This chip adds a high amount of layered security into the credit card making it more difficult—if not impossible—to forge a card or steal encrypted data. By taking advantage of PIN-based approved card payments, there is a noted decrease in cases of fraud among cardholders.

It is important to know that by October 2015, the credit card associations will require all merchants to have EMV compatible credit card terminals. By that deadline, liability for counterfeit card fraud will shift to the merchants not equipped for EMV. It’s advised that you take the time to investigate whether or not your credit card machine, or credit card swiper, is EMV capable. Read More About EMV and How It Works Here.

The third version of PTS technology adds even more protection to both the businesses processing transactions and the cardholders. Version 3 includes: the Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED) module, an integration module, and an open protocol module. Each of these modules offer separate encryptions that protect card holders and payment acceptors by using E2E (end to end) technology. This is especially beneficial for small businesses because of how it incorporates devices such as a wireless credit card machine, or one that operate on radio frequency identification technology such as gas pumps. For example, a PCI compliant credit card scanner would have to utilize a PIN pad, card reader, touch screen display and receipt printer – each with their own separate encryption method. PTS V3 helps merges these into one streamlined solution with added encryption. This has been issued as a standard, but not mandatory, practice for securing POS terminals.

With the Ingenico iCT220 POS Terminal offered by Transparent, your business will have a PCI PTS V3 certified device utilizing the most up to date encryption and cryptology technology to safeguard electronic payment data. Your business will also be able to accept all forms of electronic payments, including the EMV and PIN or EMV + PIN combination payment options, as well as loyalty cards and gift cards.