1. How is Transparent different from other payment processors?

A. When people ask us how we’re different from our competitors, we want to tell them about things like our cohesive company culture and our decades of industry knowledge. While that’s all true, it’s also probably not the difference you’re wondering about. When it comes to payment processing, you care about how our differences affect your company’s bottom line. With Transparent, the difference is clear: we don’t hide fees… we eliminate them. In the credit card processing industry, that seemingly simple difference is the most important difference.


Payment processors traditionally hide fees with things like low interchange rates and free processing equipment. What most people don’t realize is that the fees they’re agreeing to in exchange for low rates and free equipment usually add up to significantly more money.


Instead of selling you on low costs while making more money off of higher fees, Transparent eliminates additional fees altogether. We charge one low monthly rate, and you’ll never have to pay more because of things like PCI compliance fees, equipment rental fees, chargeback fees, and statement fees.


We’ve also eliminated the most hated fee of all: the contract cancellation fee. Try Transparent, and if you’re not happy with our support, our service, or how much money we’re saving you, simply cancel – there’s nothing to pay and nothing to lose.