Merchant Accounts

Merchant AccountsIn 1958, the first credit card, as we know it today, was made available to the public.  Since then, the prevalence of the plastic form of payment, such as credit, debit and prepaid cards, has only increased.  According to a 2009 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the average person carries around 5 different forms of payment.  77 percent held a debit card, 73 percent had a credit card, and 32 percent had a prepaid card.  Simply put: That’s a lot of plastic.  That is why business people today understand the need to have a merchant account to allow them to accept credit cards.  Call Transparent at (855) 418-7987 today and we will be happy to help you get started.

What is a Merchant Account?

To begin, let’s answer the question: what is a merchant account?  Generally, a merchant account is an account that allows your business to receive payments by credit cards or similar “plastic” forms of payment.  Whenever you accept one of these cards, an underlying process is set in motion.   We’re not going to lie, this can be a very detailed and intricate process, but don’t worry, because at Transparent we offer a simple, streamlined process.  We make credit card processing easier, practical, and as beneficial to your business as possible.

Factors to Consider When Opening a Merchant Account

One of the obstacles faced with accepting credit cards and similar forms of payment are the risks of chargebacks.  Unlike a refund, a chargeback occurs when a sale is reversed by the credit card association.

The events that can lead to chargebacks include:

  • ~The customer decides to dispute a charge.
  • ~There is an error in the processing.
  • ~Evidence or suspicion of fraud.
  • ~Failure to provide a copy request, or physical evidence of a sale.
  • ~Requiring evidence to support that a charge was made.


The end result can prove costly.  Not only could you lose whatever was sold, but also the funds collected as well.  At Transparent, we are experts when it comes to merchant accounts.  We will go over all the details of having an account, including how to mitigate the risk of facing a chargeback.

Why Transparent is the Better Services Provider of Merchant Accounts for Your Business.

When looking for a merchant account, be wary of which fees that are being charged to you.  For example, one fee to look out for is a retrieval fee.  This occurs when a customer of yours sends a request to their credit card provider to dispute a charge.  This subsequently results in a fee being charged to you, the merchant.  Another common fee is a Batch Header Fee.  This is a charge that occurs whenever a ‘batch’ of credit card information is submitted to the major credit card associations. Since this can occur as frequently as every 24 hours, these fees can add up very quickly.  Many providers also charge a monthly minimum fee, essentially an agreement that states that if you do not process a certain amount, you will be charged an extra fee.  Even worse, some providers charge you for customer service.

The good news is that you will not find any of these fees when receiving a merchant account from Transparent.  We do not charge retrieval fees, batch header fees, or charge any minimum fees. We don’t even have sign-up fees, and we don’t do contacts.  What you will find here is straightforward pricing, low rates and no fee for customer service. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting, and what you’re paying for.

Small Business Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing the products and services both capable and accessible for small-to-medium businesses. Our low cost, up-front pricing is a perfect fit for small and medium sized business owners working with limited resources.  What’s the best thing about having a merchant account?  It can help increase the amount of money you make.  By accepting non-cash payments, you are getting customers that you might not get otherwise, giving you a competitive edge over merchants who only take cash.

How to Get a Merchant Account Today

If you are wondering how to get a merchant account, or are ready start accepting credit cards now, we are here to help.  To get started, all we have to do is ask a few quick and simple questions.   Then, you will be on your way to accepting payments from virtually anywhere.  We offer a wide variety of options for your business whether you are an e-commerce director, a mail-order company, or the owner of the neighborhood grocery store.

So remember, when you want to open your account, it only takes three steps: apply, sign and save.  We believe merchant accounts are better without hidden fees.  We believe it’s better to be Transparent.

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