Answer Your Client’s Reviews

As part of Transparent’s commitment to you as a business owner, we will answer your client’s reviews to ensure that you get the best results in all of your endeavors. Going beyond just offering answers to your clients, business owners have a variety of difficult decisions to make during their operation. By using these resources, hopefully some of those decisions can be made easier.

When it comes to client’s reviews, it is important that business owners understand how much of an impact this feedback can have on perspective customers. Beyond just asking for reviews, it is important that you learn to interact with your customers on these review sites. Many times your response to customer feedback can mean as much or more to potential customers and ultimately can win you the business.

People Look for Social Proof

When looking to utilize a new product or service, consumers like to find social proof that the product or service in question actually works. Keep this in mind when you begin to answer your client’s reviews. Where did you go to get your information? If you are like most people, you probably considered any close friends or acquaintances with a familiarity on the subject.

Though customer reviews may not come from close friends or trusted advisors, studies show that most consumers trust these reviews as much as they would a personal referral. This means that it is more important now than ever to make sure you get yourself visible on review websites. Encourage every customer to leave a review about their experience shopping with you, and even consider setting up a reminder e-mail to ask for their reviews.

When it comes to answering your client’s reviews, don’t leave anything to chance. Supply your customers with links to the websites you wish them to leave reviews. This will allow them to easily and effortlessly leave their feedback without feeling inconvenienced. Of course, your job doesn’t end there. Once you receive the feedback from your valued customers, look at ways to respond and keep the conversation alive.

Your Reaction Matters

No matter what type of review your customers leave, it is important that you respond. If someone leaves a brief review thanking you and saying they were satisfied with your service, send a simple respond thanking them for using you. On the other hand, if they put a middle grade score without leaving comments on how you could improve, respond thanking them for their feedback and ask how you can make it a five star experience next time. This sort of response shows that you are committed to making your customers happy.

Negative reviews are even more important to leave feedback on and as a business owner you should make sure that review sites are regularly monitored so you can answer your client’s reviews. When you find them, look at ways to leave productive responses. This is the most important time during the process, so make sure not to appear rude or question a reviewer’s integrity. Instead, apologize for whatever their complaint is and ask if there is a way you can rectify. Encourage them to come to you first in the future and explain that you would like to resolve the issue.

When you learn how to respond to reviews well, you will start building trust in the eyes of the public and you will take your place as a leader in your industry.