Top 10 Most Trusted SSL Certificates

SSL certificates can go a long way to ensure that your data remains secure. Though merchant account providers will have their own security measures in place, it pays to know what to have on your own system and also what to look for in your merchant accounts. In no particular order, here are the top 10 most trusted SSL certificates to consider.

1. Geo Trust

Geo Trust may be an expensive option, but it certainly does the job with its 256-bit encryption and warranty options. Prices range from the basic cost of $149 to the maximum security level at $299. If money is not an option, it will certainly provide the protection you need, but some people find that cheaper options work just as well.

2. VeriSign

Owned by Symantec, Verisign is one of the most recognized and trusted SSL brands offered today. It supports up to 256-bit encryption. If you thought Geo Trust was expensive, think again; Verisign has options as much as $1,000. Of course, this level of protection comes with a $1.5 million warranty and a vulnerability assessment.

3. Digicert

SSL protection can be an expensive endeavor and this major provider used by many of the internet’s biggest names is no exception. With 2048-bit encryption offered at $500 for your entire domain, it is actually one of the most reasonably-priced certificates out there. If you want a lower cost, the least expensive option is $156 per year and certainly can do the job.

4. Comodo

Comodo is on the cheaper end among the top 10 most trusted SSL certificates, starting at $64.95 with an extended package that costs $359. It includes 256-bit encryption.

5. Thawte

The price range on Thawte is from $149 per year to $600 per year. One unique feature is that it offers a two year contract for $995, or just about $500 per year. It includes 256-bit encryption.

6. Network Solutions

Perhaps the least expensive SSL certificates available are provided by Network Solutions. With a four-year term, the cost is only $49.99 and it includes 256-bit encryption, which will do the job 99% of the time.

7. GoDaddy

One advantage GoDaddy has is that it includes 24/7 customer support. No matter what time of day or what issue you are facing, you can quickly and easily get the help and advice you need. To add to this advantage, they offer some of the lowest prices: $69.99 for standard and $89.99 for deluxe.

8. CACert Free

CACert was built under cooperative efforts to help spread internet security and raise awareness. It is part of the top 10 most trusted SSL certificates offered to the public for free, and many businesses believe that it is not very effective for this reason.

9. StartSSL

StartSSL offers a variety of options for protection, starting with a free SSL certificate. This can make it easy for businesses just starting out for as they grow they can upgrade their certificate to some of the more effective, paid options.

10. RapidSSL

Another inexpensive option listed in the top 10 most trusted SSL certificates, RapidSSL offers basic certificates at $49 and includes more complete coverage at only $199. It is simple and easy to install and includes standard encryption.

When it comes to keeping your merchant account safe, having a good SSL certificate can go a long way. Make sure to get one that will do the job for your business, and you can move forward and know that your information is secure.